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Logic Gears started as a one-man band providing server administration services. Today we are 20 employees strong with five separate departments to help serve our ever-growing happy customer base with over 10 completed projects.
We’ve grown because of our unique global ripple effect of word-of-mouth advertising by our satisfied customers from all over the world.
We’re different—not peculiar different—but particular different.
Being particular different means that you—our clients—benefit.
We usually provide our clients with a detailed sprint plan which proves we understand your project requirements quite well and you can feel absolutely confident that we deliver nothing else than what you look for, what we promised, and what you expect to get.
We care about your budget and timeline. No deadlocks—ever. Because we respect your hard-earned money, we can suggest ways to minimize costs and reduce the timeline, while still maintaining our signature high quality. Recommendations, best pieces of expert advice and tips, based on experience and expertise, are available throughout our work together.
Issues? Concerns? Let’s talk. It is well known that open lines of communication play an integral role in the successful process of website development. Therefore, our communication strategy includes interviews, emails, online chats, Q&A sessions, telephone conversations and any other possible ways of communication to achieve the agreed-upon development goals. We are always available for you.
We don’t launch and leave. You will be delighted with our high quality post-launch support. After your website goes live, we stick around for a while to ensure your system works as beautifully and efficiently as planned. Some issues might surface only when used by a wider audience. We’ve got your back: you are covered to have all issues resolved immediately—and for free—during your warranty period.

Mansoura,Abdelsalam Aref Street

Phone: (+2) 01094547221
Fax: (+2) 01094547221


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