Our Skills


Companies implement best management practices to stay competitive in the market. Also, many IT professionals have relevant background because they traveled to the USA, Canada and Western Europe on educational exchange programs. Most of the IT people have at least a bachelor’s degree and keep investing into their education.


Logic Gears IT industry is oriented mostly towards the USA, European Union and Australia. Logic Gears IT is accustomed to working in the global market. A common scenario: a Logic Gears company has headquarters and sales teams located in Mansoura while research, development and tech support are based in Cairo. Why? Because it saves our clients’ money.


Due to a large draw of skills, you can find any expertise starting from custom web design through mobile app development to the newly emerged trends like IoT and augmented reality. Moreover, we love to excel at doing things.


Logic Gears developers know what the word “reputation” means and always strive to do their best for each project’s success. Based on our experience of working with projects of all sizes and customers with different background, knowledge and experience, we are convinced the customer is not always right. We deliberate on what we are doing and tell customers honestly when something will not work or will cost too much to be profitable.